Free the River

No City of Bend money for dredging then; why would there be money available now?

Aug. 10, 2015.  Message from Neil Bryant-affiliated attorney Lee Cowan to City of Bend attorney Mary Winters, expressing concern about a citizen request for a navigability study of the Deschutes River.  Could this be another reason for rushing into dredging--getting it done before a Navigability study request is granted by the state?

In response to a public information request, Bend Parks District has released 100's of documents related to Mirror Pond.  The most pertinent ones are now being posted on this page.

August 4, 2015.  Park District attorney Neil Bryant cautioning Don Horton about repercussions from Spotted Frog moving into Mirror Pond.  Could this be the current reason for the rush to dredge the pond--to get it done before the frogs move in?

Further evidence that the spotted frog is responsible for the rush to dredging.  This is a message written by Park District attorney Neil Bryant and sent by his law partner Lee Cowan.

Part an orchestrated effort to shame the City of Bend into ponying up money to pay for dredging.

[2 local citizens] are soliciting co-signers on the request for a navigability