Free the River

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Community support for rebuilding the dam and preserving Mirror Pond seems to be waning.  Please see the page titled, "Statistically accurate Mirror Pond survey has been done!"

​​We won!  

In a letter obtained through a freedom of information request, BPRD Executive Director Don Horton wrote, "Bend Park and Recreation District has no interest in owning or operating the PacifiCorp dam and powerhouse."

"For local governments to proceed with dredging and other work around the pond itself, they need to know the dam will remain in place, (Bend Parks Exec. Director) Horton said, ideally for at least 15 years. Neither the district nor the city are currently interested in acquiring and operating the dam, he said."

                              Bend Bulletin.  Oct. 8, 2015

​With this concession, we see no point in continuing the effort to place the following question on the ballot:

"Should Bend Park and Recreation Distict support the goal of a free-flowing Deschutes River at the present site of Mirror Pond by pledging not to acquire the existing Mirror Pond dam and not to pay for its renovation or replacement?"